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Risk Management
Made Easy with AI

See how Delfi can manage your interest rate risk by scheduling a demo today.
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How Delfi works

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Connect Your Accounts

Create your account and upload your balance sheet for a fully customized profile.

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Advanced Analytics

Analyze your data and identify key vulnerabilities with our flexible and intuitive dashboard. Explore the complete spectrum of possible outcomes leveraging industry leading models built by our economics team.

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Actionable AI Solutions

Instantly take action with customized risk management solutions constructed by our cutting-edge AI. Your trades will be secure and simple-to-execute, using liquid and transparent financial derivatives


Delfi has built the world's first AI-driven financial risk management solution, designed to give CFOs and ALCOs everywhere an edge in their day-to-day operations.

Calculate your KPIs and income across custom scenarios at will. Gain deep insights into your risk profile with an instantly responsive and intuitive dashboard.

Leverage cutting-edge AI-based predictive risk assessment, allowing you to get detailed sensitivity reporting, including what-if scenarios. Prepare for cash and budget planning and optimize the data-sifting process to produce the fewest false positives.

Simplify financial forecasting by allowing customizable balance sheet projections that predict the impact of market scenarios on balances and income. With the latest market trends at users’ fingertips, this solution significantly streamlines business processes.

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Balance Sheet

Understand your risk profile with a responsive dashboard of your balance sheet's risks and KPI performance with our sophisticated market scenario model.

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Solve your compliance and reporting with a comprehensive and easy-to-use sensitivity report encapsulating Delfi's analytics.

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Use Delfi's intuitive AI algorithms to design an optimal risk management and hedging strategy.

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Trade Approval
and Execution

Improve your regulatory capital efficiency and execute your desired hedging strategy through transparent and liquid financial contracts.



Daniel Ahn, PHD

Daniel Ahn, PHD

Co-Founder, CEO
Chief Economist - U.S. Department of State
Chief Economist - North America at BNP Paribas
U.S. Federal Reserve, IMF, Citibank, Citadel, Barclays Capital, Columbia Univ., Georgetown Univ., John Hopkins Univ., Council on Foreign Relations, Wilson Center
A.B. Princeton University, Economics & Finance
Ph.D. Harvard University, Economics
Joseph Ahn, PHD

Joseph Ahn, PHD

Co-Founder, COO & President
Chief Data Scientist - The White House
Founder of AI Lab - West Monroe Partners
Founder of a successful $40M+ B2B analytics startup
A.B. Brown University, Economics
Ph.D. Harvard Business School, Strategy
Will Lunden, PHD

Will Lunden, PHD

Senior Scientist - Vector Atomic
Software and AI development under US government contracts
Ph.D. MIT, Physics
15+ publications in physics and engineering
Alexander Demyanets, PHD

Alexander Demyanets, PHD

Chief Economist
Senior Economist - U.S. Treasury, Bank of England
Executive Director - Goldman Sachs
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University & Wharton, Economics
20+ years experience as rates strategist and economic modeler
Tomoya Nishida, MBA

Tomoya Nishida, MBA

VP of Operations
Engagement Manager - McKinsey & Company
Finance Manager - Mitsubishi Corporation
MBA, London Business School, Finance
Bren Cavallo, PHD

Bren Cavallo, PHD

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer
Senior Research Data Scientist - Meta
Data Engineer - SoulCycle
Ph.D. CUNY, Mathematics

Broader Team

Our growing team of experienced economists, quantitative financial analysts, machine learning researchers, software engineers, and regulatory experts comes from top financial institutions, government agencies, and universities

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Reduce volatility


Reduce the volatility of key performance metrics such as your Net Interest Income or Net Interest Margin by up to 99%.


<10 seconds

Generate thousands of realistic market scenarios and assess your balance sheet vulnerability within seconds, not days.



Save on hedging execution costs and improve your regulatory and capital efficiency by using AI to implement futures-based risk management strategy, saving an estimated 10bps by switching from swaps alone.

Net margin


Supercharge your balance sheet by customizing your financial strategy toward your target level of risk tolerance, moving to the optimal risk-reward frontier and generating as much as 1% in additional net interest margin through superior portfolio optimization.

Coming soon

AI in Action

Take a look at our special report PDF analyzing Delfi's application on Silicon Valley Bank.

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Who can use Delfi?

Delfi solutions are currently optimized for interest rates hedging for local, community, and regional banks and credit unions. But the AI is powerful and flexible enough to extend to all types of tradable financial risk. Delfi can provide customized solutions for broader financial risks to Institutional Investors and Corporate Treasuries. Please contact us for more details below.

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Risk management made easy with AI
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